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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's try this again!!!

For almost a year I've been using Shutterfly to document everything because it is SO easy for picture-posting! I'm going to start trying to link them together (assuming that I even maintain them both!) and use this site for day-to-day things that go on with the 3 of us and use Shutterfly for monthly reports. We'll see! And blogspot is so irresistable because of all the great blogs that I want to follow! Today, as I was looking for Valentine's Day crafts to do this weekend, I found a blog specifically for Montessori crafts. How random and perfect!!!!

Lately I have been doing a lot of cooking for Cayden. He is getting more and more picky and it is so important to me that he eat well-balanced meals. Of course he'd prefer graham crackers, PB&J, and chicken nuggets all day every day. Reading Super Babyfood,, and also finding recipes in Parenting magazine has kept me motivated. When I was pregnant I really scared myself while reading about the dangers of feeding young children meat and dairy, so I was determined to limit Cayden's exposure. Luckily Allan has been very supportive. We've been finding creative ways to incorporate tofu into Cayden's daily diet. This week his lunch was either potato/corn/tofu chowder or ABC pasta with tomatoes, pasta sauce, and Boca Crumbles with either a grilled cheese sandwich or Smart Dog in a blanket. He loved it all! Allan and I also made zucchini fries and spinach balls for dinner....Cayden didn't like the spinach, but LOVED the zuchhini fries. Knowing that we are able to find easy ways to keep Cayden healthy and happy means SO much to me. Hopefully I will be better about maintaining these posts so I can post recipes! We'll see! For now, though, see the posted Valentine's Day photo....this photo will be used in crafts this weekend! Can't wait!

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