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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! We spent the weekend thinking of how to celebrate. Allan doesn't like Valentine's Day because it is an obligation to be affectionate and buy things, while he thinks we should treat each other kindly on a daily basis. I agree...and he is nice every day...but definitely doesn't buy me presents every day :) We decided that instead of being expected to buy each other pretty things we would cook for each other! I quickly found the perfect recipe, but it will be a surprise to all of us to see what I eat tonight. Cayden will be eating our leftovers.

Cayden spent the weekend drawing and painting! He found Allan's paintbrushes and was pretend paintining on the floors, walls, and furniture for hours yesterday. Are there toddler versions of paintbrushes? He seemed to like the paintbrush much better than using his fingers. Looking for short chunky durable paintbrushes will be my mission this weekend.

For his teachers I attached a picture of Cayden to Valentine's Day-themed scrapbook paper.Then I cut out scraps of cardstock and let him get to work coloring, painting, and sticker-ing. When he was done I used the scraps to make a frame around the scrapbook paper. There were so many ideas in books and through all got overwhelming so I went with an easy method! Pictures will be added eventually.

Next year we'll use cards from Walgreens to send to friends and make bigger versions for teachers. When I was printing the pictures for the teachers I saw this option of photo cards that are the size of the small exchangeable cards. But by that time it was too late to change ideas. It costs $.89 for two small picture cards and you choose the background and text. I made a sample of a card with Cayden's perfect little face and a dinosaur background. Allan approved. will be attached whenever I get around to it.

Wish us luck with our dinners!

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