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Friday, February 19, 2010

I love Montessori!

STILL waiting for the computer to get fixed! I think today we'll find out if our property damage claim was accepted. I'll be soooo angry if it's not! But really, I don't know how to actually prove that our things broke as a result of the power problems.....stressful! One day I will post pictures instead of writing so much boring stuff.

Today I'm thinking about how much I love Cayden's school. His teacher, Ms. Diana, is so very thorough. The other day she told me there was a little bit of dry skin between two of his toes. Crazy thorough! It's been almost two months and I still am sad every day when I pick him up because I didn't know what he did all day. I didn't get to see all his smiles. Or hold him when he cried. And I know he's learning new things that I don't even know about yet. After talking to Ms. Diana monday at our first parent-teacher confernence and a few other times this week, I feel so much better. Monday she went through this long long list of things that he is doing and things that she is working with him on. She also covered things that she'd like us to do at home with him. I like having that cohesion, like school can be an extension of home instead of home being an extension of school. I know how structured his school is. Yesterday Ms. Diana apologized to me because his eating schedule was off by 10 minutes. She was really serious about it and was very irritated at the teacher who fed him late!  I can tell by seeing other kids on the playground or in the windows of their classrooms that what his school is teaching actually works. Times when I've gotten there early to pick Cayden up and they didn't already have him ready for me I've been able to witness kids being disciplined as well as kids being praised. It is exactly how I would eventually like to treat Cayden myself. Plus, seeing schoolwork posted up of 3 year olds doing reading and comprehension amazes me every time. So I tell myself to back off because his teachers obviously know what they're doing. Most of the teachers have been teaching 20+ years and have been at that school since it opened. So I trust their techniques and judgments. But at the same time it kills me because I want to be involved. So I talked to Ms. Diana about this dilemma and now realize that I am taking their separation between home and school way too literally. I feel sooo much better. There is absolutely no other school or daycare that I would have put him in. And no other faculty that I would trust him more with.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things I don't want to forget

Everyone says that as children get older we forget about little things they do that we loved. A few days after Cayden was born I bought a journal. I've never been one to keep up with a journal (although I make my clients write in one several times daily! I know it is useful, I just can't get in the habit). My plan, though, was to write at least a few sentences every day to document things Cayden did that I thought were cute that Allan and I can look back at in 30 years and remember. Hopefully I will still have this blog then, because I have written maybe 5 pages over the past 6 months.

Cayden is still changing so fast. I thought it would have slowed down by now! Every day he looks a little different and lately his growth is very noticeable! Some mornings he wakes up and his pajamas are a little tight; he is literally growing overnight! I still think he looks like a gloworm, though, with his big eyes, little mouth, and a perfectly pointy chin. But his eyes are no longer blue.

I am amazed by his hands! It seems like he thinks everything in his little world is there for him to grab and touch and bring to his mouth. Yesterday he grabbed a co-worker's really really long hair and quickly brought it to his mouth. He made a face suggesting that he didn't like the taste of the hair, but it was as though he just had to chew on it anyway. He has started making this really serious face. It is adorable. Looking at his body, it looks like he is having the greatest time of his life. Well, he probably is having the greatest time of his life. Whether it is shaking a rattle, kicking his legs when he's laying down, bouncing his legs when he's sitting or standing, splashing in the tub, or swatting at his carseat toy rack thing that I can't think of the name of, his face is completely serious. I've heard my mom say that a baby is, "doing it like it's his job". I feel that way about Cayden! Like he doesn't want to splash his arms and legs in the bathtub, but he just has to.

Cayden still gets demanding and impatient. Sometimes he is perfectly content sitting on someone's lap and out of nowhere he starts screaming. Nothing is wrong with him, he just wants to stand or be held differently or look at himself in a mirror. Once he's been given what he wants, he makes a face that says he was entitled to it all along and should have been given it sooner. There's no, "Thanks" or "Wow, I really like being held like this". Instead, it's "You're doing your job by serving me. You are priviledged in having my satisfaction". I think I mentioned before that after his first day at school his teachers said he was "fussy". They now say they learned to just figure out what he wants and give it to him quicker. We may be in trouble as he gets older...

2 of the 3 pets have grown to love Cayden. Jersey, my cute little cat, wants nothing to do with him. She doesn't want anything to do with much. Kudos, the dog, at first didn't seem to care either way. Now she's been breaking into his room at night. Sometimes I think she's not quite all there and doesn't have any reason for doing things. But now it seems as though she's looking for him. Last night I heard her outside of my bedroom door and on the baby monitor walking around the house, then finally pushing his door open, walking around a little more, and falling asleep on the floor next to his crib. So I, of course, had to get up and kick her dirty self out of his clean room. Josie, the wierd dog-cat, is completely obsessed with Cayden. She insists on being everywhere he is. If she can't be next to him she finds her way onto one of his blankets or in his hamper and preferably in his crib. Meaning lots of extra laundry and dusting for me! I always find black and white Josie hairs everywhere that Cayden has been. It's cute, but annoying!

Oh, back to Cayden's hands! In addition to grabbing, he has started petting or rubbing (whichever is the correct term). When I hold him he looks at me and rubs my face. Or he massages my arm instead of grasping so tightly like he did last month. He rubs one way with his fingers palm side down, then in the opposite direction with the back side of his fingers. Really slow and gently, but deliberately. Like he had to put a lot of effort into making his hand and fingers move in that way.

Cayden is finally figuring out how to suck his thumb. He had been doing it upside down or using his whole fist and fingers, but he's now getting the hang of the art of thumb sucking. And he holds onto a blanket while doing it. It is SO cute! Why do all babies seem to hold onto a blanket or something soft in the same hand that they are sucking the thumb of? It is just adorable.

He is extremely ticklish. But he has to be in the right mood, of course. When he is in that mood, any touch makes him smile and squirm and giggle. Even using the nasal aspirator makes him laugh. Then he stares at the tickler with a huge grin, which says, "If you want me to keep smiling you better not stop tickling!". When he laughs his mouth opens wide before any sound comes out, he looks up out of the corner of his eyes, squeals loudly, then giggles like crazy while kicking his legs and chewing on his hands or waving them around. It seems like he almost can't take it anymore, then the giggle starts and he can't get enough. He has gotten a lot of fun to play with. Even for someone like me who doesn't play, he is irresistable. He also laughs while playing peek-a-boo, when he gets eskimo kisses, when his clothes are being changed (because of the tickle), and at himself when he's sitting in his swing.

Food wise, Cayden likes apples, sweet potatoes, banannas, and he recently ate part of a bananna/pineapple/coconut smoothie. He went crazy for squash the first time we gave it to him but last night he would have no part of it. We'll have to try again in a few days. The only things he has absolutely hated so far are peas and rice cereal.

I'm sure there are many more things I'm forgetting! Hopefully I'll have time to add them as I remember. Or maybe tonight I'll start journaling...unlikely...

By the way, it has now been exactly 4 weeks since our computer (and oven) stopped working! Once our electric situation gets worked out I'll add new pictures!