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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

6 Months!

Cayden turned six months old February 26th. I can't believe it! It has gone soooo fast. He had his six month well-baby visit Friday, March 5th. He weighs 18 pounds 4 ounces and is 27.5 inches long. Before we know it he will be measured in "height" rather than "length". His lungs are clear now so we don't have to use the nebulizer anymore. Yay! He met all the milestones: sitting with support (and without), raking his hands, passing toys from one hand to another, turning his head when he hears his name, laughing, babbling, and bearing weight on his legs. He was so happy at his appointment too. He loves that white paper on the bed in the doctor's office. He tries wrapping himself up in it and ripping it. Then it came time for the shots. It was awful. He began crying as soon as the nurse walked in with her little case. Then she gave him the first liquid vaccine and usually Cayden drinks it right up. This time it took several minutes. I think it was because he knew the quicker he drank it the quicker he'd get the shots. Then the nurse asked one of us to hold down Cayden's little arms. Allan always does this part so I can sit and cry. Usually Cayden lets out a scream and then is over it. This time tears build up in his eyes before the nurse even came close to him. Then he cried really really hard, much harder than the other times, but was luckily over it quickly. I was not. I felt the need to hold him through the rest of the visit and carry him back to the car. It seemed like he was not feeling well the rest of the day. My friend Devon said her daughter was like that too; the older she gets the longer it takes to get over the shots.

Cayden is such a happy baby. I hope it lasts! He loves people and attention. Yesterday he was in my office and a co-worker walked in and smiled at him and he started laughing so hard. Another co-worker came in and he did the same thing. Sunday my parents came to visit and every time my dad waved at Cayden he laughed, kicked his legs, and did this crazy movement with his arms. When he gets excited his whole body gets into it. I love it. I'm adding a few pictures that Jen took last weekend....hopefully we'll be able to fix our computer this weekend so I can add more'll see that in Jen's pictures Cayden was either serious or sucking on the pacifier. He was really tired and just not into posing for Aunty Jen. She blames his puppy for angering him, but it wasn't the puppy. The pictures still came out incredible, though! These are just the ones on my computer. All the ones she took are amazing. They always are.

In the last one you can see the red around his eyes and see how sleepy he was! We tried taking a break to let him take a nap, but he wasn't interested. He just wanted to be cranky (but cute!)

He is SO close to sitting up on his own! I know he can do it, but he just likes rolling backwards. He'll actually sit up for a few seconds, then start giggling and roll onto his back. Then pull his socks off and chew on them. He chews on everything! Allan calls him a magnet because anytime we pick him up or move him or even leave him alone for a few minutes and he's grabbed onto something and has either successfully brought it to his mouth or he is diligently working on moving it to his mouth. And lately he has begun crying a lot more, which I attribute to teething. We do our daily checks to see if a tooth has come through. I really feel confident that it will be soon.

Likes and dislikes:
Likes: Laughing, being tickled, chewing on everything, Gloworm, light up seahorse, puppy, penguin and mini penguin, playing in his crib with the mobile and mirror, peek-a-boo, all types of baby food (except peaches and rice cereal), screaming (especially in public), Kudos and Josie, bath time, being awake from 12-2am, pulling hair and earrings and beards, sucking on cheeks, rolling onto his back, standing, raspberries (blowing on the belly)

Dislikes: Getting shots, food being taken away, sitting in the movie room, being on his tummy, being woken up, having to wait for things that he wants

Indifference: Books, music, Jersey, pacifier