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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This post is dedicated to my cat, Jersey. We have had both cats, Josie and Jersey, for 4 years. I got them for Allan for his birthday the year we were married. Here are a few pictures of them our first Christmas with them. Josie found the Christmas tree right away that year and we still have to keep her out of it every year. Jersey is bigger now, but she still has the same annoyed look on her face all the time. I think she is disappointed that she doesn't have cooler owners.

I think this picture is just adorable. They used to play with each other until they were both exhausted and would fall asleep in the same position.
Here is a quick story about Jersey. When we got her she was tiny. We couldn't take her home for a few weeks because she was too small to be adopted. I think she weighed 2 pounds when we took her home. So I was always worried about her since she was so small. One night soon after we adopted her Allan was out playing poker and I was home with the cats when Jersey started choking. She was coughing and her tounge was hanging out of her mouth and she was gasping for air. I was freaking out. Then all of a sudden she threw up a giant rubber band. She was fine after that. The following is a reenactment of something that happened last week. To the right is a shoelace. Just a simple shoelace, right?

We came home from work the next day and the shoelace looked like this. Perfectly in a straight line...except for squiggles at the end next to a puddle of vomit (I left that out of the reenactment). I cleaned the vomit and put the shoelace back in the shoebox it came in. I don't know why I didn't just throw it away.
The next day it was out of the box again and on the bathroom floor. This time I got lazy and ignored it. We got home late and instead of moving it we both just stepped over it....not that getting home late is any excuse for not picking up and throwing away a shoelace.

Because of our laziness, this is what we found in the morning. (Again, I didn't think it was necessary to actually put the shoelace in the toilet in the reenactment. And, by the way, we threw away the 1st shoelace. The one used in this reenactment was the other one). It seems with those cats that everything always ends up in the toilet or in their water bowl. They always amaze me with their craziness. This time I thought I should document it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas preparations

I can't believe Cayden's first Christmas is only 3 days away! It doesn't seem possible that it is here already. We've been so busy with I don't know what that we aren't really prepared at all. Christmas shopping is almost done and gifts are wrapped, but the house is a mess, we didn't send out (or even attempt to make) Christmas cards, I haven't made a single cookie...but I did make several batches of different types of bark that was much easier to make and was delicious, but just not the same!...and I just feel like everything is rushed. Is that how parenthood will be forever? I'm not complaining at all; things are wonderful and I soooo love my life, I just wish there was more time to enjoy it. Maybe I just need to make more time.

Allan has been having me open a present each night for the past 2 nights. The first one was from Cayden. I can't even talk about it without crying! I'm such a wimp! Allan reenacted that commercial with the dad giving the mom a present at 2am while the mom was up with their little baby, saying he couldn't wait to celebrate their "first Christmas as a family". Ahhh....I love it. Anyway, it's a heart shaped necklace with a quote about being a mother. My boys are so sweet! This is going to be a very special Christmas for us!

Yesterday my parents picked Cayden up from my job to spend the day with him. They did some shopping together then Allan and I met up with them when we got off work so Cayden could meet Santa. Cayden had actually already met Santa last week in the bakery at Publix in the Villages, but it wasn't quite the same. The mall we went to is an outside mall and it was freezing! The little guy was all wrapped up and sleeping in the Baby Bjorn and Allan woke him up when it was his turn to sit on the big guy's lap. Cayden wasn't happy at all to be woken up and uncovered and thrown into a cold handed stranger's lap, then having all these people making rediculous faces at him and clapping and swinging things around to try to make him smile. He just wasn't having it! I think Santa had had enough too. Hopefully he won't hold it against Cayden.

Today is my last day at work before Christmas, and one of 4 days left of having Cayden at work with me. Everything is set for him to start school January 4th. Tomorrow me, Allan, and Cayden will celebrate Christmas together, then Thursday we head up to Ocala. So since I likely won't be writing again before then, Merry Christmas!!!